About us

Eggflow is a marketing automation oriented technology company. We work with e-commerce businesses and strive to make businesses more automated, easier and more effective.

Eggflow team

In 2017, Eggflow was founded with the vision of developing marketing automation software with Shopify selected as a starting point. One year and a half since our first app went live on Shopify App Store, Eggflow now owns 5 published Shopify apps with a variety of functions and a steady user growth rate.
Over the next 5 years, Eggflow’s primary objective is to reach e-commerce businesses from many platforms, helps merchants accelerate business growth with a wide range of both technical and marketing-related solutions.

What we offer

Eggflow offers software that assists merchants throughout the customer lifecycle.

Marketing: Increase social engagement, reach potential customers, drive qualified traffic.
Sales: Optimize customer experience, optimize conversion rate.
Services: Establish and develop good customer relationship, leverage word-of-mouth marketing to reach more potential customers.

At present, Eggflow’s products are available in the form of plugins for Shopify online stores, better known as Shopify apps.