Make buying in your store easy and simple

People can add product to cart, check products in their cart or checkout by clicking on a button that follows them through the page, no matter which devices they are using.

Remarketing audience

Create shortcuts to quickly direct your customers to important pages like products, pricing or checkout page.

Refined remarketing audience

Track and make an list of people who added products to cart on your store, create custom audience and re-target them on social networks.

How we do it


Add-to-cart button
Create add-to-cart button that is fixed to the screen while customers view products. Users can defines the event that occurs when customers click on the button: Add product to cart, view added products or checkout.


Custom button
Place a button at anywhere in your website to direct customers to a target page. Text, color and the target page of the button are all customizable.


Facebook pixel tracker
Add Facebook Pixel into a button to track people who clicked on the button and create an audience to re-target those people with Facebook advertising.


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Smart Popup

Give your customers a brief insight into products or services that your company is offering.

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Instant Giveaway

Easy giveaways to make your brand go viral.

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