Track customers everywhere they go on your website

Knowing which site your customers are visiting, what action they’re taking gives you hints about their actual demands. Eggflow makes it possible. Only with customers logging in, you can define series of action they are supposed to take. Eggflow system will automatically track and make casual reports of those who visit your site.

Leads scoring: A score to represent customers’ level of qualification

Giving each customer a score will free you from repeatedly having to look at endless records, just to determine whether a lead is sales-ready, helps develop reasonable nurturing campaigns for each group.

Automated follow-up emails to be sent based on customers actions

Eggflow allows users to define goals and send emails when goals are met. All emails are personalized and automated.

 Reminder email: Remind customers of their shopping information, abandoned carts and your promotion programs.

 Personalized email: Send email corresponding to customers actions: Visit pricing page, download ebooks, apply coupons, etc.

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