Recover abandoned carts with reminder emails

When customers come so close to payment, stop abruptly and leave your shop without paying, Eggflow allows you to set up emails to be sent automatically, bring back customers and save abandoned carts.

Create pop-ups to deliver you discounts and promotion programs

Four types of pop-ups are available to serve your purposes:

 Lead flow: Collect more sales qualified leads to be converted into customers.

 Coupon pop-up: Copyable coupon codes that urge people to apply to get discounted

 Calls-to-action: Make it as simple as possible for website visitors to take a desired action, just by clicking on a button.

Accelerate sales-marketing cooperation

All leads generated are stored in Eggflow’s leads management page. Leads can be scored and labeled with our customers tracking tools, then assigned automactically to salespeople when meeting qualification criteria.

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