Drive traffic to your Shopify store

Your products are displayed in partner stores in the form of product recommendations
By exchanging display advertisements, you get more traffic to your store from partner stores.


See your traffic grow rapidly

You can see a boost in the traffic to your store right when advertisements are activated, almost at the same time with the traffic growth of your partner stores.

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Access people with interest in your product

Reach more people with actual demand for your products by selecting product categories of your advertisements.

Refined remarketing audience

By limiting your ads to specific countries and devices, you can reduce traffic from irrelevant visitors. Visitors to your store are the exact people you are targeting, improve your conversion rate and refine your audience for better remarketing campaigns.

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How we do it

Customize partner ads

Edit the design of partner ads and the way they are displayed in your store.

Manage ads in your store

Decide which product categories you don't want to be displayed in your store. Product ads related to the excluded categories will not be shown in your store.

Customize your ads

Select your products and setup basic information for your ads to be displayed in partners store.

Manage your target audience

Limit people who can see your ads by devices and by countries. People using certain devices and people from certain countries will not be able to see your ads.


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Instant Traffic is now available on Shopify

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